Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Golf Grips

Just like any other products offered in the market today, golf grips also have pros and cons that users need to consider before buying them. And there is this essential factor in golf that we also need to know about. If things are hard to grasp, we need to make use of the right grip in order to accurately hit the ball right through the hole. Top secret in golfing is to properly grip the club since it affects almost everything that is happening when making every stroke or swing. With Rockbottomgolf, you are sure to get the perfect ideas to help you find the right grip size you need.

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Experienced golfers know that grip is more important than alignment, posture, or stance. However, it’s still crucial to understand that there are numerous ways to do things right as well as doing them wrong. So be sure to learn the professional way of performing the grip to ensure a score. As a matter of fact, professional golfers demonstrate the individual nature of grips. It really doesn’t matter what kind of brand you have for your golf grips. What matters more is the ability to hold the club along with the right size of grip that is used by the golfer.

Understanding How Important Grips Are

Whether you want to execute a weak, neutral, or strong grip, Rockbottomgolf got your needs covered. Our company has been in this business for years and we’re glad to have established deep connection with our customers across the globe. By sorting out all important things needed in golfing, you will certainly enjoy the whole experience in the greens. To help you know more about the various styles, noteworthy golfers, and a breakdown of the advantages as well as disadvantages of grip types, we will share to you the following insights related to golf grips:

1.  Interlocking grip

Golf GripsThis grip is done by putting your pinky finger in between the middle and index finger while locking your hand together. This is popularly demonstrated by Tiger Woods, Nicklaus, Bubba Watson and Rory Mcllroy. On its advantage, it was actually used by Woods and Nicklaus back in the days as the greatest golfers of the time. For the disadvantage, some golfers say that interlocking grip is awkward and uncomfortable.

2. Overlapping or Vardon grip

Most professional golfers choose this kind of grip as it was popularized by Harry Vardon, an excellent golfer from England during the 20th century. This is performed by placing your pinky finger on top of a small gap in between the middle and index fingers. The famous golfers who also used this are Matt Kuchar, Phil Mickelson, Arnold Palmer, and Ben Hogan. The advantage of this is that you can easily overlap your hand to freely move when striking the golf ball. Others claim that this is really comfortable to use while holding the club securely. The disadvantage is that those with weak or small hands will find it hard to manipulate the golf club when they try to overlap their grip.

3.  Neutral grip

This is considered to be an ideal grip since it perfectly aligns your hands with the club-face. The grip is neutral in a way that the knuckles are seen when hitting the ball. The famous golfers who used this are Adam Scott, Ernie Els and Nicklaus. The advantage is that there are no manipulations needed in order to square the club-face. By itself, this grip doesn’t cause hooks or slices while making it simpler to strike the ball in the right direction. The only disadvantage is that other golfers believe that this is uncomfortable and unnatural to do.

4.  Weak grip

This is called weak grip because there is less effort exerted when holding the club. All you need to do is rotate your hand to your left while holding the club. The golfers who used this are Curtis Strange, Corey Pavin and Hogan. The advantage is keeping the club—face open in order to support higher strike and more backspin. The disadvantage is that it’s said to cause slices and difficulty in releasing the club due to strong impact.

5.  Strong grip

Two knuckles are seen when doing a strong hold. In the early days, this was used by Dustin Johnson, Paul Azinger, and Couples. The advantage is the natural ways of holding the golf club while allowing the arms in rotating freely when making a strike. The disadvantage is that strong grippers sometimes get a closed club-face causing them to become hook-prone.

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Most professional golfers choose this kind of Golf Grip as it was popularized by Harry Vardon, an excellent golfer from England during the 20th century. 

Long Island Homes for Sale: The Important Factors Before Buying

Before selecting from long island homes for sale, learn the different factors to consider. Learning these factor helps make the experience less stressful. Knowing these important factors aids you in deciding which property to select and buy.

Decide the location

Long Island is a beautiful place that houses the most prestigious properties but the most expensive houses. Despite the reputation, averaged income earners can still buy a home in Long Island. Affordable real estate properties are available for sale in the region.

real estateAn averaged income home buyer may still be able to buy a property that values around $200,000, even on the parts of Long Island that sell the most expensive properties. However, such properties are in the category of “land only”. For land properties that have improvements such as house building, a home buyer may have to prepare half a million dollars to purchase the property.

On an average, Suffolk County has higher selling prices as compared to Nassau County. Finding an affordable property is quite easy. All you need to do is establish the location. From there, begin your search. Using a Real estate services from, you will get hundreds of results to choose from.

Apply for assistance program eligibility

The prices of long island homes for sale have not decreased. However, buying becomes affordable because of the many incentives that the government offers to first-time home buyers. For example in Nassau County, the government grants an assistance program worth $25,000. You may use this amount to pay the additional down payment and other closing costs. However, to avail of this assistance program, you must provide a $5,000 minimum down payment. In addition, the total assessed value of the property does not exceed $350,000. The same assistance program applies to the Suffolk County except that the amount is lower, which values at $14,000.

The disadvantage of availing such grants is limited choices. The government agency sets requirements in order to be eligible for the assistance. An example is you and your family must live in the house in the next 10 years. Moreover, the property must be within the territory of the government agency granting the assistance, which in this case refers to Nassau County. The house should also be your primary residence. Otherwise, you are going to repay the amount of the assistance program.

Know if you are eligible for a mortgage.

Even if you pass the eligibility and get an assistance program for paying your down payment, you still have to think of the monthly amortization. Get an assessment for a mortgage. Moreover, you also have to consider your capacity to pay.

mortgageThink of the monthly expenses you incur. Add the monthly amortization in case you buy the property. Make sure that you still have savings left after deducting these two major expenses from your monthly income. If you come up with a negative figure, find another property that is within your capacity to pay. Never speculate that your income might increase in the future. If you do or think this way, you might end up struggling to pay the mortgage. Worst, you might end up foreclosing the property you have dreamed of buying.

Ensure that the assessed value of the long island homes for sale is right.

The importance of right valuation affects the loan amount you are going to apply for in the future. The right assessment value means you will be paying the true value of the property.  An appraiser uses three types of valuing a property. These are the cost, sales price, and income. The two valuations, cost and sales price, are used in valuing residential properties while the income method is more applicable for commercial properties. Before making any decisions, make sure that the valuation given to you is correct. Ask a second opinion if you think the valuation is too high.

Compare commission rates among real estate agents/brokers.

Untitled-1Commission rates differ from brokers to a broker. Some charge very high while others may charge a lower rate. The real estate agent determines the rate. The rate is a matter of perception. However, because homeowners choose agents that charge the lowest rate, real estate agents make sure that their commission rates are competitive. Usually, the average is 6%. Since agents’ income depends on getting your house sold, they are very motivated to look for a buyer. Even if you are a buyer, you may hire an agent to find the best house for you.

Comparing the rates between agents is easy because these agents broadcast their rates to entice potential clients.

Buying one of the long island homes for sale does not have to become complicated. All you need to do is be cautious. Hire the right real estate agent. Learn the different factors that affect your chance of purchasing a property. These factors may include a capacity to pay, mortgage eligibility and commission rates.

Stamp Your Brand On Silicone Bracelets

The silicone bracelets may have started as an awareness strategy when it was launched in 2004 by Lance Armstrong to support his cancer foundation. But, what began as an awareness bracelet caught on and became a craze and a fad worn by people of different age groups. Silicone rubber bracelets are now popular as recreational merchandise, decorative accessories, fundraising and awareness devices. Small and big companies are catching on with the fashion of these bracelets and use these as effective campaign and promotional tools for its brand.

Many companies are now trading the traditional way of distributing promotional giveaway of calendars and mugs with silicone bracelets. The rubber bracelets are proving to be a more cost-effective advertising strategy to raise consumer awareness and increase sales.

The ideal advertising strategy

Rubber braceletsOnce a favorite accessory among the teens, the decorative utility of the silicone rubber bracelets transformed into an effective advertising strategy in the hands of campaign strategists of companies. The reason companies eventually utilized the silicone bracelets as a promotional tool is that it works. But, to get the most of these rubber bracelets, the choice of a manufacturer or a leading and reliable supplier like us at www.the-wristband-factory-com is important.

The silicone bracelets work for the following reasons:

• The use of different bright colors, style and designs get your message across loud and clear.

• Teens are still crazy about rubber bracelets as accessories and, therefore, a good market option.

• The bracelets are fun to wear which are worn as a single band or grouped for its colorful effect. The silicone rubber makes these bracelets durable and easy to clean; they last longer with care.

• Serves as a silent walking advertisement which reaches a wider market potential.

• They are cost-effective with the bonus that with each one the user interacts with, an advertising impression remains. In effect, you get the maximum advertising impact with one inexpensive purchase.

Versatility in style and design

Another feature which makes the silicone rubber bracelets ideal for your advertising campaign is the versatility in style and design. You can make the bracelets attractive through the different styles and designs the different suppliers offer.

You can choose from the following bracelet styles:

• Debossed – this is the most basic style where your brand or message is engraved on the surface of the bracelet. Your message and the color of the bracelet are the same.

• Embossed – this style has your message raised from the surface of the bracelet, making it more visible. You can have your text of a different color from the bracelet which makes the message more visible.

• Imprinted – this style uses silkscreen to print your message on the surface of the bracelet. The use of special paint or dye prevents your message from fading or chipping. This bracelet is cheaper compared to the other silicone rubber bracelets.

• 1 inch bracelet – this style of the bracelet has a wider width span of an inch, giving you more space for your message. You can have a longer and a bolder message on the bracelet.

Embossed WristbandsTo make your custom rubber bracelets more attractive, you can choose and design bracelets with a variety of colors. The choice makes you creative, mixing and matching a color and design to make your bracelet distinctive. You may opt for a segmented color (two or three colors) or have the swirled type where the colors are intertwined. The www.the-wristband-factory-com provides you with the services of an expert in design to help you with the choice of color and design.

Companies are constantly on the lookout for novel advertising strategies to promote their brand and products. The durability, accessibility, cost-effectiveness and the colorful appeal of the silicone rubber bracelets make them ideal for advertising purposes. As a word-of-mouth with a twist, companies are beginning to realize the worth of the bracelet as a marketing tool that stamps their brand effectively in the minds of anyone the user interacts with. In effect, the investment poured into the silicone rubber bracelets translates into a high potential revenue.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Badge Holders

We notice that there is a significant in the number of companies that use badges, which is why badge holders are slowly becoming important accessories for a business. There are two main reasons why people use these holders for their IDs and badges. The first one is that the holder makes the ID or badge look more professional, and the other reason is that the card holder protects the ID or badge from wear and tear.

It may seem like a simple task to choose ID holders for your company, but there are numerous factors that you have to consider. In this article, we will share with you some of the most important things to know about ID card holders before making a purchase.


The amount of protection you need is the first consideration when planning to order card holders from us. The soft plastic holders are the cheapest options you can find in the market. However, they are not strong enough to stand against damages. You can bend them easily and they are prone to ripping and tearing. If protection for your badge holder is not really your priority, you can choose this type of plastic holder. On the other hand, if protection for your badge holders is your priority, your best option is the rigid plastic holder. These types of holders can take on more abuse and you can still buy them at reasonable prices.


Another consideration for your ID holder is its size. Certainly, you want to ensure that it is not too bulky for your employees to use them continuously. If you will wear them on a daily basis and you want ease of movement, you probably do not want your ID card holders to be bigger than 3” x 4”. We offer business card size ID holders that are great for daily use.


Badge HoldersThere are also different thicknesses of vinyl available for badge holders. The common thickness available in most styles of card holders is 10-gauge. This thickness is only suitable for occasional or limited use. 10-gauge holders can hold out well for the period of a meeting or an event. If you want ID holders that you can use every day or those that can stand more wear and tear, you need to choose a heavy duty type, which has a thickness of at least 30-gauge. For high-use environments, you can choose rigid holders or the ones with acetate material.

There are also other accessories that you can attach to your ID card holders, including:

1. Fastener

When choosing the type of fastener, you have to consider your employees first. Remember that they want their card holders to be as practical and comfortable as possible. The least expensive option that you have for a fastener is the standard pin. You can secure the pin of your badge holder to the clothing. However, pins can sometimes cause damage or possible tearing when the card holder gets caught on something.

Another option that you have is a bulldog clip. This is a great alternative to a pin, which prevents damage to clothes. However, you also need to make sure that the clothing or uniforms have the right place to attach clips like a collar or pocket.

2. Lanyard

This is probably the most popular attachment or accessory that you can use for your badge holders. You can attach your ID holder to a lanyard and wear it around the neck. Lanyards usually come with swivel hook fasteners, bulldog clip or a key ring so that you can attach your badge holder on the lanyard.

LanyardsMost card holders come with a circle or an oval slot at the top so you can attach the fasteners or lanyards. A bulldog clip can work perfectly with oval slots, whereas we recommend swivel hooks for circle holes. You can use key rings for any type of hole, but you may need a little more time to attach it.

We also offer badge holders that do not have any design, which means there is a lot of room for you to customize it. These are more cost-effective and really wonderful for a quick change. Opting to add customization to your holders create an importance and special touch to them.

Make Badge Lanyards Work For You

Engaging in promotional activities, like trade shows, festivals, conferences, conventions, exhibitions, and seminars are ideal for showcasing a brand or product particularly because of its face-to-face contact with potential clientele. The use of badge lanyards in these activities increases the chances of having a brand or product noticed by target customers. It is our mission to make the badge experience easy, provide top-quality lanyard materials, customized to your specifications, and ready when needed.

Carry the company personality around

Badge lanyards are ideal for showcasing the company personality during promotional activities. As the staff goes around meeting potential clientele the lanyard and badge holder design catches the eye of the person. As an eye-catching device, we offer a wide array of design in a color that reflects the personality of the company. We have an expert who can assist you in matching the lanyard fabric with your choice of design, the text that is within your budget.  The design and the durability of the materials of our badge lanyards makes it perfect as mementos.

Badge Lanyards

With the proliferation of small electronic gadgets, and other small items such as business cards, pens, and tools, these can be conveniently attached to the badge holder making them less likely to get lost in the bustle of activities. Our badge holders are designed specifically to hold these small items, which makes them a convenient device for souvenirs during promotional activities.

Badge Lanyards that last

We offer an array of fabrics for your lanyard need. Whatever your business, we have the lanyard that would meet the requirements of your company. Customer satisfaction is what we are after, therefore we make sure that you have a choice of materials:

1. The polyester that is durable, economical and provides a clear printing finish

2. The nylon which gives a rugged look, but which is excellent for printing detailed images

3. Duoflex lanyard which is ideal for designs with a big brand with a customized color to highlight the brand

4. The Cotton lanyard which is popular because of its durability and softness

5. The cord lanyard which is the latest product in the market which is comfortable, easily visible, affordable, and effective

The materials come in different lengths and thickness that you can choose to fit your company requirements. We provide you with an expert who can help in choosing the lanyard appropriate for your target clientele, along with the details to complete your badge lanyard requirement.

Your choice of attachments

Make your lanyard functional with a choice of attachments we offer. We offer you several options of attachments for your lanyard needs made of either metal or plastic material. You can have a choice of either swivel or O ring, the two most popular attachments. Or any of the following:

1. The bulldog clip for badges or IDs

2. The camera cord, should you prefer a wrist lanyard

3. The reel which is convenient for user as it holds the badge or ID and can be pulled away from the body when needed

4. The lobster claw which secures keys and other small items with its open and close hooks

5. A cellphone pouch so clients can carry this device anywhere

6. The G clip to hold heavier objects your client need to have accessible at any time

7. The split ring ideal to hold a cluster of keys or access cards

8. A breakaway clasp that keeps your staff safe and secure; they can continue working without worrying about lanyard entanglement

We have provided our clients with a range of options for a lanyard to satisfy the requirement of your company, including a variety of accessories to choose. You can match the different design element to fit the expectation of communicating your brand effectively. And, you save time having to shop in different stores as we have everything you need for lanyard needs.

And, regardless of the number of persons you expect for your event, you need not worry as we maintain a large inventory and provide for delivery service.

Send your queries now and our trained staff will provide you the information you need without delay.

Author Bio:
Badge lanyards is used to protect identification cards and extend their usability for a long time. Lanyards materials are well-known for being able to secure different kinds of things, ranging from cards and keys to phones and wallets.

Priceless Tradition

Ask any soldier how the classic challenge coin came about and you’ll get dozen different stories with a dozen variations each. Some would tell you that the Romans did it first. Others would say that it all started with WW1 and a downed American pilot seeking refuge. Another would talk about how it all came about as part of a drinking game among American servicemen in Germany during the 50s.All that anyone knows for certain is that the tradition of challenge coins all started in the military—and that’s it.

Nowadays, you can find everyone having and passing all kinds and all sorts of challenge coins—from congressmen and businessmen to policemen and firemen—but there’s still something quite special about the challenge coin: the original custom military coins meant to celebrate the many ways that soldiers have proudly served their nation and the many special bonds between them and the comrades-in-arms that they have had the honor of serving with.

Military coinsSoldier starts off with his first coin. It is the coin of the first unit that he was called to serve, the coin of the first officer that he or she had the pleasure of serving under. Each post that this soldier is assigned to—that is one more coin to receive. Each commander that he serves under—that is one more coin to receive. The coins that these men and women are not just custom military coins—they are challenge coins in every sense of the word.

They are a testament to the various ways and capacities that these exemplary men and woman have rose to the challenge of serving their nation in whatever way they have been called to do so. Each of these coinsure not just mere custom military coins, but symbols of each act of service—heroic, nevertheless whether these was little-known or widely applauded—that they have offered to their countrymen.

This is priceless.

Yet—this alone is not what these custom military coins represent.

It is important to remember that beyond the warrior in camouflage and beyond the noble service that these soldiers have given are the human men and women that not only serve, but also laugh and cry. Behind these coins are not just the acts of service that they have offered—but also the pain that came with each struggle, the relief that came with each mission accomplished and the solidarity that bound them to their comrades through thick and thin.

This is priceless. Tradition is priceless.

Things like these should never be out of reach for those who deserve them.

We aim to make sure that the custom military coins that you deserve are never out of your reach. This guarantee of ours means that you have our word that several fees have been waived to ensure that the coins that you will get will be as affordable as possible.  This means that shipping is free in the USA. This also means that there will be no mold fees for orders of coins that are above three hundred in number.

We also ensure the opportunity that the coins that you deserve can be best customized to better represent what you best feel should be represented and symbolized. We aid you in this by offering no fees for custom shapes. We also aid you in this by giving you the chance for unlimited art changes and by also giving you access to free artwork samples for inspiration.
This opportunity does not just extend to design; it also extends to the texture and material of the coin itself. We offer eight metal styles for the overall material and appearance of the coin and five different styles for the edges of the coin. We do this to ensure that the coin that you receive will be as personal and valuable as possible.
After all, tradition is priceless.

coinsWe also ensure the opportunity that the coins that you deserve can be best customized to better represent what you best feel should be represented and symbolized.

Showing Off Team Style with Custom Trading Pins

A great way to show off team spirit is through custom trading pins. Like personalized uniforms, trading pins are very common in team sports. Baseball, soccer, softball, and hockey are some of the sports that use trading pins. It’s a way to show off team colors and identity. But unlike uniforms, these pins are easier to give away so as to spread the word about a team. The giving and trading of these pins is usually done during a pin trading ceremony. Typically, this ceremony is held on opening day. All the teams trade their team pins with each other. It’s considered a highlight of any sports tournament. So why settle for stock pins when custom trading pins can be commissioned?

Numerous companies offer custom trading pins for commission.

Aside from trading with other teams, these are useful as awards and logo presentations of a particular team. Custom graphics and artwork can be integrated into the design which can be almost anything. Customer ideas can be executed with the help of competent graphic artists and modern production technology. Usually, the entire order can be shipped in two weeks.

Trading PinsThe appeal of custom trading pins goes beyond the actual players themselves. Officials, family members and fans all appreciate an opportunity to take a piece of their team or event home with them. Trading pins also have a vibrant secondary market and collecting community behind them.  In fact, the trading of these pins is a more involved activity than most of the games because people apart from the athletes can participate. Socializing and reminiscing over these items is a favorite pastime of some people. Pins make great mementos and players tend to associate fond memories with these items.

It’s natural then for a team to want their pins to stand out from the rest.  A lot of care and thought goes into the design of these pins. In the end, everyone wants a very unique pin that is sought after at the tournament or event.  The key is to allocate sufficient lead time for the conceptualization and production processes. It would be a disaster for any team to end up being the only one with no pin at all during a tournament, rendering them unable to participate in pin swapping. Waiting at the last moment during peak season is bad preparation. During peak season, trading pin manufacture is in full swing. It is best to contact manufacturers early on. It’s much easier to solve the problem of storing a bunch of pins as opposed to panicking about having them delivered to the event on time.

With enough preparation, producing a fantastic, great-looking trading pin is a certainty for any team that puts effort into it. They will reap the rewards of that effort when everyone at the sports event clamors to get one of the trading pins. They will create great memories and positive word-of-mouth for the team. Another great benefit is being able collect other great-looking pins through the process of trading.  The most important thing after all in sports is camaraderie and competition. Bonding and making relationships through all these activities is something that enriches the lives of everyone involved. Whether it is through playing the game or trading souvenirs and momentoes, the spirit of teamwork carries over into daily life.

Custom trading pins extend this experience by giving us something small and material as a reminder.  They are small investments that inspire pride in teams and a sense of connection with others.  These are the feelings that stay on after the fields empty and the last ball is tossed.