Priceless Tradition

Ask any soldier how the classic challenge coin came about and you’ll get dozen different stories with a dozen variations each. Some would tell you that the Romans did it first. Others would say that it all started with WW1 and a downed American pilot seeking refuge. Another would talk about how it all came about as part of a drinking game among American servicemen in Germany during the 50s.All that anyone knows for certain is that the tradition of challenge coins all started in the military—and that’s it.

Nowadays, you can find everyone having and passing all kinds and all sorts of challenge coins—from congressmen and businessmen to policemen and firemen—but there’s still something quite special about the challenge coin: the original custom military coins meant to celebrate the many ways that soldiers have proudly served their nation and the many special bonds between them and the comrades-in-arms that they have had the honor of serving with.

Military coinsSoldier starts off with his first coin. It is the coin of the first unit that he was called to serve, the coin of the first officer that he or she had the pleasure of serving under. Each post that this soldier is assigned to—that is one more coin to receive. Each commander that he serves under—that is one more coin to receive. The coins that these men and women are not just custom military coins—they are challenge coins in every sense of the word.

They are a testament to the various ways and capacities that these exemplary men and woman have rose to the challenge of serving their nation in whatever way they have been called to do so. Each of these coinsure not just mere custom military coins, but symbols of each act of service—heroic, nevertheless whether these was little-known or widely applauded—that they have offered to their countrymen.

This is priceless.

Yet—this alone is not what these custom military coins represent.

It is important to remember that beyond the warrior in camouflage and beyond the noble service that these soldiers have given are the human men and women that not only serve, but also laugh and cry. Behind these coins are not just the acts of service that they have offered—but also the pain that came with each struggle, the relief that came with each mission accomplished and the solidarity that bound them to their comrades through thick and thin.

This is priceless. Tradition is priceless.

Things like these should never be out of reach for those who deserve them.

We aim to make sure that the custom military coins that you deserve are never out of your reach. This guarantee of ours means that you have our word that several fees have been waived to ensure that the coins that you will get will be as affordable as possible.  This means that shipping is free in the USA. This also means that there will be no mold fees for orders of coins that are above three hundred in number.

We also ensure the opportunity that the coins that you deserve can be best customized to better represent what you best feel should be represented and symbolized. We aid you in this by offering no fees for custom shapes. We also aid you in this by giving you the chance for unlimited art changes and by also giving you access to free artwork samples for inspiration.
This opportunity does not just extend to design; it also extends to the texture and material of the coin itself. We offer eight metal styles for the overall material and appearance of the coin and five different styles for the edges of the coin. We do this to ensure that the coin that you receive will be as personal and valuable as possible.
After all, tradition is priceless.

coinsWe also ensure the opportunity that the coins that you deserve can be best customized to better represent what you best feel should be represented and symbolized.

Showing Off Team Style with Custom Trading Pins

A great way to show off team spirit is through custom trading pins. Like personalized uniforms, trading pins are very common in team sports. Baseball, soccer, softball, and hockey are some of the sports that use trading pins. It’s a way to show off team colors and identity. But unlike uniforms, these pins are easier to give away so as to spread the word about a team. The giving and trading of these pins is usually done during a pin trading ceremony. Typically, this ceremony is held on opening day. All the teams trade their team pins with each other. It’s considered a highlight of any sports tournament. So why settle for stock pins when custom trading pins can be commissioned?

Numerous companies offer custom trading pins for commission.

Aside from trading with other teams, these are useful as awards and logo presentations of a particular team. Custom graphics and artwork can be integrated into the design which can be almost anything. Customer ideas can be executed with the help of competent graphic artists and modern production technology. Usually, the entire order can be shipped in two weeks.

Trading PinsThe appeal of custom trading pins goes beyond the actual players themselves. Officials, family members and fans all appreciate an opportunity to take a piece of their team or event home with them. Trading pins also have a vibrant secondary market and collecting community behind them.  In fact, the trading of these pins is a more involved activity than most of the games because people apart from the athletes can participate. Socializing and reminiscing over these items is a favorite pastime of some people. Pins make great mementos and players tend to associate fond memories with these items.

It’s natural then for a team to want their pins to stand out from the rest.  A lot of care and thought goes into the design of these pins. In the end, everyone wants a very unique pin that is sought after at the tournament or event.  The key is to allocate sufficient lead time for the conceptualization and production processes. It would be a disaster for any team to end up being the only one with no pin at all during a tournament, rendering them unable to participate in pin swapping. Waiting at the last moment during peak season is bad preparation. During peak season, trading pin manufacture is in full swing. It is best to contact manufacturers early on. It’s much easier to solve the problem of storing a bunch of pins as opposed to panicking about having them delivered to the event on time.

With enough preparation, producing a fantastic, great-looking trading pin is a certainty for any team that puts effort into it. They will reap the rewards of that effort when everyone at the sports event clamors to get one of the trading pins. They will create great memories and positive word-of-mouth for the team. Another great benefit is being able collect other great-looking pins through the process of trading.  The most important thing after all in sports is camaraderie and competition. Bonding and making relationships through all these activities is something that enriches the lives of everyone involved. Whether it is through playing the game or trading souvenirs and momentoes, the spirit of teamwork carries over into daily life.

Custom trading pins extend this experience by giving us something small and material as a reminder.  They are small investments that inspire pride in teams and a sense of connection with others.  These are the feelings that stay on after the fields empty and the last ball is tossed.